Monday, March 19, 2012

Beauty in Brokenness

I dig deep
and pull up a shard
a fragment of my broken life
sharp, jagged edges
clutched in hand

I squeeze tight
and bleed

I have found the source of my pain, but I don't want to let it go.

Then, prayer
silence and waiting
more prayer

Something almost imperceptible shifts
a pinky quivers
and a shadow of hope is cast

I start to notice
hands lifted in surrender
scars on palms

Another finger relaxes
I let go completely

A brief silence, a skipped beat, a sharp breath
catch me?


Long exhale
rest and recovery

God raises that shard to the light
and rainbows dance in dark places
spreading hope

The promise of life has been fulfilled,


WillSpirit said...

Lovely words and message. Pain is so underrated as a source of spiritual and personal growth. We do need to release our death grip around its sharp edges, but we do not need to throw it away. Our suffering is also our gemstone. Thank you.

Michelle said...

And thank you for your wonderful comment!