Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm Doing Nothing For Lent

(c) Holly Stanley

In a world where productivity rules and efficiency is king, intentionally leaving the margins blank seems counterintuitive. We text while waiting in line-ups, read on the toilet and respond to emails while watching television. I've become so accustomed to doing that I have a hard time not doing. Just lounging on the couch without music or television, a laptop or telephone, writing or reading seems totally foreign to me. And yet this is the place where dreams are made, this is when we are most creative, and it's also when we are most likely to be receive revelation.

We don't need to carve out more time for rest, we need to use the time we have more restfully. Multi-task less, go for walks without the iPod, sit and stare out the window for an hour. Do nothing, intentionally. And do it every day.

This is my plan for Lent.


Holly Stanley said...

Please contact me regarding the usage of my photo on your post. Thank you! - Holly Stanley

Holly Stanley said...

I guess I should leave you my email address, huh? I have an ID for Blogger, but I never use it, so you can contact me at Thanks!

Michelle said...

Sure thing Holly. It's a beautiful image and I linked directly to your Flickr photostream but in hindsight I should have asked permission first as well. I'll email you.