Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A New Language

Just a few of the words that have graced my Google search engine this past year: inerrant, infallible, emergent, postmodern, missional, relativism, pluralism, universalism, atonement theories (satisfaction, Christus Victor, moral government, penal substitution), original sin, the Fall, modalism, perichoresis, pantheism, cessationism, continuationism, dispensationalism, hermeneutics, eschatology, preterism, ecumenism, veneration, eschatology, predestination, ontology, epistemology, total depravity, reformed, evangelical, orthodoxy, ecclesiology, transubstantiation.


D'Ma said...

Ayeee! My list isn't quite that long, but it's pretty close. I've researched words I didn't even know existed until I began this journey. It is definitely like learning a new language.

Like a Child said...

Wow...that is quite a list. I've also found wikiapedia to be helpful, relevant, and free. When i first started my blog, i didn't even know what cognitive dissonance meant.

Michelle said...

No kidding D'Ma. My list of new words seems to grow daily.

LAC, I guess Cognitive Discopants' blog title wouldn't have made much sense back then :)